BS design       Design work in mechanical engineering

  Dear Business Partners,

  Our designing office offers preparation of design documentation of the machinery and single-purpose machines for all industries. For example the single-purpose machines for material working, forming and transport that can be operated by hydraulic or pneumatic mechanisms, further the machines and equipment for light, processing, chemical industries as well as agriculture. We are also involved in design of hydraulic and/or pneumatic control systems. Especially design and configuration of the equipment of elements of the companies specialised in hydraulic and pneumatic industries. In cases where these standard elements cannot be used, we are ready to design non-standard hydraulic (pneumatic) cylinders, controls and hydraulic power packs. We shall design the hydraulic (pneumatic) distribution system on the machinery and based on its function we shall compute requested pressure and amount of hydraulic medium. As wished by the customer, we shall compute the thermal balance of the hydraulic power pack.

 While designing the piping routes, tanks, pump groups or the whole machinery, we compute, if wished by the customer, the thermal balance of parts or the whole equipment. When designing the tubular heat exchangers, we compute their parameters completely.

  On the basis of customer's requirements who is qualified for execution of design activities under the law No. 360/1992 of the Collection, we shall prepare the design documentation of steel constructions and central heating of buildings including the computation of thermal loss of the building according to CSN 06 0210 and CSN 73 0540 standards. The computation is based on the documentation of the building supplied by the customer, particularly the store ground plan, building sectional view and specification of material of which individual parts of the building are built. The computation can be done for the building at design stage or as a check computation of the project of the building or for the building already built however subsequently thermal-insulated. It is necessary information for architects, designers of building constructions and designers of central heating of the buildings.
We render professional consultations concerning subjects of our activity.

  In addition to design work, we also re-draw (convert) foreign drawings to version according to CSN standards to suit our inland manufacturers. If requested, we convert inches to millimetres.

  We prepare the drawings using the CAD draw program and submit them to our customers according to their wishes in form of computer files on floppy disk, CD-ROM or in form of original drawings. Computations are prepared in form of computational sheets.

Václav Slaný - BS design

Design work in mechanical engineering